Tiny houses, legally

I came across the video “Living Tiny Legally, Part 1” due to a post in the Tiny House Community UK Facebook group. It’s a really interesting insight into how people have been persuading some local authorities in the US to allow Tiny Houses. You do need to mentally translate “zoning” into “planning permission” and “construction codes” into “building regulations” for the UK system of course.

At 19:30 in the video there’s a slightly awkward moment where one of the city managers finds a diplomatic way of saying they wanted to avoid creating trailer parks that would reduce surrounding house prices. This has always been one of the key worries of local authorities in the UK when faced with plotlands or hutting development: how do they know this isn’t going to turn into some form of shanty town? Quirky colonies populated by artists and software engineers are mostly welcome. Traveller sites usually aren’t.

This is the first part of a three part project, but there are already lots more videos on their Tiny House Expedition YouTube channel.


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  1. Wow! This is great, thanks for sharing! Parking is a big struggle in my neck of the woods as well & this video does a great job at addressing some of the concerns I’ve had.

    I’m very interested in tiny homes as well – so much so that I’ve centered my thesis on tiny homes. I’m a Corporate and Public Communications graduate student at Monmouth University interested in studying the sense of community inspired by Tiny House Communities (THC). For the purposes of my study, I am looking specifically at how people communicate about tiny houses, what the community does for them, and why they choose to get involved with the movement. If you could spare a few mins to complete my survey, your insight would be much welcome! You can find the survey at the link below:


    Thank you for sharing your love of small homes!

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