Fishing huts at Port Mulgrave, North Yorkshire

Port Mulgrave was a small harbour serving ironstone mines in North Yorkshire. Once the railways reached the mines, exporting the ironstone by sea was no longer necessary and the harbour was abandoned after the First World War. Since then it has been used by local people’s small fishing boats which are dragged ashore on the beach well above the high water mark. There are a couple of dozen fishing huts used for storage and overnight stays, and until recently as a main residence. The huts are self-built improvised structures, mostly made from driftwood and reclaimed materials. Not as substantial as the similar site at Braystones in Cumbria. The old mine and harbour features are gradually being eroded by the North Sea storms and access has recently become much more difficult after the metal staircase down from the Cleveland Way was rendered unusable.

I’ve uploaded some photos from Geograph and then linked to newspaper stories and blogs with more information about the site.

Yorkshire Live story from June 2024, with more photos:

Julia Garner’s blog post about Port Mulgrave:

Finally a video walk around of the site from East Coast Beachcombing:

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