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The cabin-in-the-woods is part of the folklore of North America and it’s not surprising that there are a lot of videos about them on YouTube. Some are quite conventional second homes that just happen to be built of wood, but at the other extreme are basic log cabins built by the owners using the surrounding forest. This post is a collection of some of those YouTube channels that are worth looking at, and that might be relevant to woodland hutting in Britain.

Kyle’s cabin


A detailed, step by step video record of how Kyle builds a log cabin using a handful of tools on forest land in Minnesota.

Martin’s old off grid log cabin


A long series of videos going back a decade with an account of Martin’s shared hunting cabin, including some photos and home movies going back decades before that.



Some very useful practical videos about a wide range of topics related to off grid log cabin life.

Off grid homesteading with the Boss of the Swamp


Another long series of videos about living in log cabins, including many practical aspects of cabin life.

Cabin dweller


Living year round in a log cabin in north west Canada.



Sara and Jacob are building a cluster of unique cabins from scratch, and give a flavour of what they’re doing with this polished series of videos.

Weekend Off-Grid


One video, but a good walk through of a nicely furnished log cabin.

Off grid with Doug & Stacy


Doug and Stacy make their living from their homestead and live in a log cabin they built on their land. Their videos have a lot of practical details about off grid systems.

TA Outdoors


TA Outdoors is a series of videos about building cabins and huts in British woodland from reclaimed materials like palettes or timber cut from the forest. They really do demonstrate that woodland structures don’t need to built from planed wood from a timber merchant.

There are a lot more channels and videos about log cabins on YouTube. Do you have a particular favourite I’ve not mentioned?

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