This blog covers my interest in huts, plotlands, woodlands, log cabins, tiny houses, rewilding, chalets, and sheds, and other related topics.

I’m partially inspired by Reforesting Scotland’s Thousand Huts campaign and the idea that we might start doing this kind of thing in Britain on a large scale again.

I’m interested in the legal, political, and practical issues that people face and possible solutions, and the overlaps between plotlands, woodplots, hutting, allotments, sheds, tiny houses, and off-grid living. One theme that I keep coming back to is reform of planning law and resisting unreasonable interference by councils and other branches of government. Some of this is quite small-A anarchist in tone, and inhabits the intersection between small-scale co-operative socialism, libertarian capitalism, and self-organising communities in capital-A anarchism. I believe it’s a common thread in such disparate movements because it addresses the natural human urge to have a place of one’s own within a community.

Wider still, I believe that hutting, reforesting, and rewilding can work together to get people reconnected to nature, by helping people and families form long-lasting connections to the natural, wooded environment of Britain.

There is also a Hutters.uk Facebook group and my email address is  “iain at hutters.uk”