Tramcar hut at Ironbridge

One of ways people used to make huts for recreational use was to take a wooden railway wagon or carriage and rework it into a small building. Some of these still survive at hutting sites. Sometimes the same approach was used to make other buildings, and at the Blists Hill Victorian Town museum in Ironbridge is a tramcar that was turned into a Sunday school!

(I took the above photograph during our holiday at Century Wood this week.)

A walk to Walden Pond

In this video from May 2022, I walk from the busy crossroads into Walden Woods and to the site of Thoreau’s cabin, where he lived for 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days from July 1845. I add a stone brought from Century Wood to the cairn by the cabin site. I then look at the wildlife and views of the pond and the forest.